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Fishing Knots, probably the least glamourous part of our sport, but one of the most essential. A single fishing knot is all that holds you connected to your fish. It is the weakest link in the chain, but how weak will depend on how well you have tied the knot. Use these animated knot sequences to improve your tying.

We practice our casting, spend our money buying the best equipment and we sacrifice our time getting up early in the wee hours of the morning to catch the best tides. We learn all kinds of techniques for manipulating lures and baits and flies so that fish can't possibly resist them. We even spend hours dreaming of just going fishing and catching a personal best fish. It will all turn to tears very quickly if we don't PRACTICE tying our fishing knots. You will then be able to fish with CONFIDENCE, knowing which knot to tie for a given line diametre, for a line to line connection or to get the most life out of your lure.

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The Albright Knot - used for line to line connections.
Best with lines of similar diametre - 20lb and under.

Slim Beauty Knot - used for line to line connections with heavy leaders.
Best with lines over 25lb or with vastly different diametres.
e.g. 20lb braid and 60lb leader

Lefty's Loop Knot - used to give extra life to lures and flies.
Tied well, it retains close to 100% breaking strength

Double Uni Knot - used to join line to line.

Haywire Twist & Barrel Roll - Single Strand Wire Connection


Quick Penny Knot - Peter Hayes' Terminal knot.
Peter Hayes is a world champion angler and international
fishing guide. The high praise for this knot is that it is the only
knot that Peter usesat the terminal point. See Peter's Website.


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