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NEW KAYAKS 2013    





25 June 2013    





hey guys,
today me and my mate lachlan devlin decided to hit up good old lake mcdonald.
We headed out started to fish some holes on our way to three ways but had no success, so when we got to three ways we found a good drop off with heaps of big fish holding in it and i decided to put on a smack ice jig and lachy used a TT switch. On our first drop i hooked onto a 42cm and he a 47cm bass both using 4lb fins braid and 10lb fc rock leader on 1-3kg rods so needless to say it was alot of fun.


We had a few more drops there and i ended up with a 43 and a 40 and lach landed another mid 40s aswell. So if you are going to go fishing in any freshwater lake or dam use your sounder to your advantage and find drop offs and holes that are holding schooling fish. cheers Dylan Brown



18 June 2013    




Woods Bay GT

Hi Luke here. These are a few photos from some of my recent Noosa river captures .

This 61cm Trevally was caught and then released in the Woods bay ,I got it on a shad minnow. That day there were lots of Trevally around as the Woods was full of bait. The trevally could not resist the lure retrieved at a high speed .

 photo tailor.jpg

This is the Tailor, Trevally and 2 Bream. Kyle and I went to the Ski run. We saw Tailor hitting the mullet on the surface .

I was using a Chug bug and Kyle was using a Luckycraft Gsplash, I lost 2 Tailor and landed 1 on a the popper. We switched over to soft plastics to target Jewies,just as another school of Tailor appeared, I got bitten off by 1 and Kyle landed 1.

We then went at Weyba Creek, Kyle was attempting to catch a Mangrove Jack around the bridge but after numerous strikes he finally connected to the Jack but dropped it in the end .

I landed and released a 30cm Bream on a Jackall Tranzam in hot pink . After Weyba we headed to the Noosa sound and cast at Jetties where I managed to get a 23cm Bream on a Jackall Chubby shallow diver.




bream photo bream2-3.jpg



bream photo bream-5.jpg


16 June 2013    




Lure munching mackerel

Hey guys me again,

My dad and I hit up tincanbay on Wednesday and Thursday and it was a very productive session over the two days J.

Wednesday we put out 8 crab pots then started casting the channel with Baker poppers, gold bombers and I was mostly using the good old YOZURI Crystal minnow. When we casted the channel we picked up a few tailor just little choppers but we then decided to have a troll on the drop off of a sand bank, and man that was fun.

About 30secs into trolling dad and I had a double hook up on 4lb trolling gold bombers and crystal minnows and the fish we hooked turned out to be mackerel. We kept persisting with trolling and started getting more mackerel and tailor, then I went to my bait caster combo with 30lb line because I saw some bigger mackerel about and well needless to say they were a bit too big to stop.

I lost two monstrous fish on a Japanese lure of some sort and a crystal minnow because they busted me off both times. So if you are heading up tincan way I suggest try trolling the edges of sand banks in about 8-10ft of water as that is where we were catching our fish.

So good luck fishing and hope to see you out on the water soonJ.

Dylan brown



mackerel photo mackerel_01.jpg

tailor photo tailor_01.jpg

12 June 2013    




Hi All,

Have been out over the last few days for a bit of a fish and boy oh boy was it a pleasure.


The river is fishing very well as I have found most my fish from around woods all the way down to the ferry. The lures I have been using is my new all-time favorite the Baker Popper then plastics I have been using Kitech shads, gladiator prawns, power bait minnows and gulp shrimp.




The fish I have been getting are Tailor, loads of bream, flathead, trevally and little cod. I have found with the plastics if you do two quick violent hops off the bottom, which is the technique that has been working best for me.

 photo 00003.jpg

GT photo 00002.jpg

Tackle wise I would use 1/4oz TT Headlock jig head if fishing for trevally otherwise stick around your 1/12 to 1/8 for all the other species. Line wise I would go with 4lb fins braid which is what I fish with and is very good quality as I even use it offshore too, I would range from about 6lb to 10lb fluorocarbon leader.

bream photo 00001.jpg


The Tailor have been smashing poppers up around the barges and the lure I use for them so does Mark Arnold is the good old chug bug so be sure to go to Hooked on angling in tewantin Noosa to buy a few for your tackle box.

So good luck fishing guys J
Cheers Dylan brown


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4 June 2013    




Hi All,

I ventured out for a morning flick in the river with my best mate Millie. It was a very chilly start so we rugged up and hit the water; it was beautiful on the water with the mist rising off the water to make a memorial morning on the water.


We sounded a few fish on the sounder so I started throwing a Gambler Paddle Tail soft Plastic in ghost Shad and Jackall Transam in clear pink chart back colour around and it wasn't long before we landed a small GT. I drifted with the tide and processed to catch & Release 6 GT's, 2 Flathead, 3 bream, 1 Tailor and a Little Jew Fish.




As the morning went on I decided to throw a few lures at the structure on the banks, where I landed 2 more Flathead and a nice little surprise of a Little Winter Jack. On a new lure a rep gave me to try it is becoming a bit of the favorite quiet quickly. More info to come on the lure.

All & all I was very happy I decided to get out of bed on this chilly morning. Great way to start your day!
Cheers Mick



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