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24 August 2010

sean flathead

sean flathead

Hey guys

I headed out on Sunday at about 10am with my little brother and went straight to the First Ski Run. We dicided to drift back towards Habour Town flicking our Gladiator Prawns around. After a few minutes I got a little flatty and as soon as I released it, I chucked my prawn back out. As it hit the bottom it was smashed by the 58cm jewie.

sean jewfish
sean cod
Estuary Cod

By the time I had taken a few pictures and measured it and put him back, I was nearly at Habour Town so we drove back up to the bend on the First Ski Run and after a bit of casting, I flicked my prawn right next to a snag. I was hit by a nice little cod.

We didn't have any more luck up at the Ski Run, so we went to the Woods. We were trolling around and I was sruprised to hook a 60cm flatty on my X-Rap.


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19 August 2010

sam - cale cale
Noosa River - alive and well


sam - cale cale
Cale Cale Trevally


sam - tailor
Thumper Noosa River Tailor

Hi all,

Hey all ><>

Me and my mate Dan kicked the day off with an early start, waking up at 5 in the morning and heading straight for Woods Bay. The fishing action was slow, but as first light came and the tide flushed through the river, the fishing improved.

sam - cale cale
Sam - Cale Cale Trevally

With so much surface action every were we looked, from the stretch of Woods Bay to the Sheraton - had our hearts pumping. After figuring out what the fish were eating, it was a peice of cake from there on.

After about an hour & a half of awsomeness =), I finished up with 3 Cale Cale 45-50cm, a nice Tailor & alot of Trev's. Great to see the river this way. The most effective lures/plastics of the day were Squidgy Wriglers & Gladatior Prawns.

Cya out there
Sam ><>

17 August 2010

big eye trevally

Big Eye Trevally


Mangrove Jack


Bevy Shad

sugapen head

Hi all,

Thought I would sent through a few quick pics from last week. On the last new moon I took a good mate of mine out for a fish around Woods and the Sound.

He didn’t have much experience in fishing, and had never landed a fish on a soft plastic lure. So it was my challenge to get him his first fish on lure. I knew the Trevelly action had been good for the past couple of weeks so we decided to target them. George was the first to score with a small big eyed Trevelly.

big eye trevally
Finally he boated his first fish on lure

Shortly after Elliott’s Gladiator Prawn lure was smashed at the surface. It had been hit by a Tarpon metres from the boat. After a quick fight and a few jumps the fish was lost. This was exciting for him and he was quick to get back into the action. Shortly after he then hooked a Big Eye off the bottom of Woods Bay. The drag was loose so the fish didn’t break the line so the fight was long. Finally he boated his first fish on lure. After a few more fish the tide stoped and the action stoped.

We decided to head to the Back of the Sound. On my first cast into the feeding frenzy of fish I hooked this 35cm mangrove jack. It would have been six casts later and I hooked my second jack measuring 48cm. From then trevally were caught, but the action subsided so we decided to call it a night.

46cm Mangrove Jack

A few days later we headed back out looking for the bottom of the tide. I was using a Bevy Shad by Lucky Craft which I had just got from Hooked on and George went for a Sugapen surface lure. The back of the sound did not produce fish so we opted to try the 1st Woods bay. As soon as we arrived we saw surface action so to be fair we decided to cast at the same time. Our lures landed metres from each other and two cranks of the reel and we were both on. We both had big eyed trevelly. (Mine was bigger) These two fish seemed too had scared the school and from then I only caught one more trevelly. Never the less good fun fishing.


16 August 2010

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tom snapper
Tom - Snapper high in the water column


Hey guys,

Just a quick report. Headed up to Noosa this weekend just gone for a shot at the snapper.

toby snapper
Toby's 55cm Snapper

Spent the majority of time out on Jew Shoal jigging plastics, although went to Sunshine for a few hours Saturday morning and got a few 40ish cm squire. Back at Jew Shoal we found the snapper sitting only a few meters below the surface and all our fish came a few seconds after the plastic hit the water. The best two for the trip was my 64cm to the fork, 4.7kg snapper and Toby's 55cm to the fork snapper.

We both lost other bigger fish that we just couldn't stop heading into the reef and busting us off. Other than snapper we caught Spanish Flag, Grassy Sweetlip and a few other odds and ends.


Plastics used were Gulp 4inch Minnows and 5inch Jerkshads on 1/2 to 5/8th jigheads. Hope to get up there again very soon while the fishing is still hot! By the way, while out on Sunshine we happened a come very close to a whale and its calf travelling north. Very overwhelming and a great sight!


9 August 2010

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Now THAT is a flathead!

90 Flathead

Hey Guys,

Thought I'd send you some pics of the Monster Flathead I caught on Sunday Morning out at the Noosa Bar entrance.

90 Flathead

Drifting accross the sand Bars just on the turn of the run out tide, flicking a few plastics around when I hooked this monster on a 5" Jerk Shad Saphire shimmer or something like that, 1/8 2o lead head on 2kg line, Nice One, Unfortunately we didnt have any scales to weigh her but she measured in at approx 90 cm before we let her go, sure put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Kind Regards

Rob Maxworthy.

7 August 2010

Chris - Squire

Tusk Fish
Tusk Fish


Hey guys

Me and a two mates fished Sunshine Reef twice on Sunday - early morning and late afternoon. Both sessions firing on first and last light.


We were fishing in close and simply drifting around as we had no sounder or GPS. I was just using some rough land marks. We landed 8 quality squire/snapper for the day, 3 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon, also some nice tusk fish and many undersize reefies.

All fish were caught on 5'', 6'' and 7'' Gulp in a variety of colours. We changed between 3/8 and 5/8 jigheads, depending on the plastic and changing wind conditions. Both sessions were only around 3 hours each.

Also bay is full of crystal clear blue water which has brought some pelagics back in. As we were coming in there was some BIG longtail tuna jumping and feeding out the front of A-bay, easily fishable in a small boat on a calm day.

Get out there while its good!
Cheers, Chris

4 August 2010


George's Jewfish



savoy shad
Savoy Shad

Hi all.

I know it hasn’t been long since my last report, but we had a really good 2 hour session on Tuesday night.

We headed to our spot just near Munna Point Bridge at the change of low tide. In total we released 13 fish in all. The most notable catches were George’s 70cm Jew, his 48 cm Jack and a Tarpon each.

mangrove jack
sugapen head
Sugapen - Head view

The first two were tempted by my orange and yellow sinking hard bodied Savoy Shad. By the end of the night some of the trebles were about straight, but its hook up rate didn’t seem to be effected. The tarpon were lured using Sugapens. There was minimal surface action, however George and I knew that if we had a go the possible results would make it worthwhile.

George and I almost instantly got a double hook up. He was onto a tarpon and me a tailor. We went back deep after a few more tailor, and I had landed a tarpon off the surface. All we were doing with our sinking lures was throwing them into the right spot and letting it sink, for about 10 minutes we didn’t even have to work the lure! They were just getting smashed! The main culprits were Trevelly, until George's Savoy Shad was hit hard by this 48cm mangrove jack.

Our chosen lures were 5 inch jerk shad Powerbait and sinking Savoy Shads (however anything at one stage would have worked). This is the first time in months that I have seen schools of trevally and other pelagic’s in a feeding frenzy. It’s a really good sign that the fishing is still good around here.

We will see you out there, Hugh.



james - tailor

james - flathead

james - jack

Giant Trevally

Hey guys.
Went for a fish on Tuesday with Hugh. At the first Ski Run. It was blowing about 15 knots but the fish didn't seem to mind. Everything was quiet until around 6:30 when Hugh hooked the first fish. It was a small trevally. From then I landed four good fish in total. First was a 40cm Trevally, then a 40cm Tailor, then a 40cm Mangrove Jack. Finally I boaed this 68cm flatty that would have weighed around 2 kilos.
Thanks James.

2 August 2010

Diamond Trevally
Diamond Trevally




George get a closer look

Hey guys,
Thought I would send through some pictures of the weekends fishing efforts.

On Friday afternoon we headed down to Woods for a quick fish on dusk. The action started slowly until my gladiator prawn lure was struck by this diamond trevelly that I’m pictured with. As the sun went down we decided to call it a night and try out luck first thing the next morning.

Saturday morning we thought we would catch the last of the run out tide at the first Ski Run. James was the first to score hooking what would have been a very respectable tarpon only to see it spit the hook in mid air. We were disappointed but knew there was more to catch down there. I was bouncing a squidgy fish in the Drop Bear colour off the bottom. On about our third drift my lure was hit hard by this school jewfish. After a tense struggle the fish was landed. To mine and James relief, the fish had been hooked well in the top of the lip. From then the action subsided only landing trevally, with the wind picking up we decided to head home. Again we went out this morning, however had less success with only trevelly and taylor landed.

We were not yet fished out so George and I decided to give dusk a go. We met up with the Crothers who said not much was happening at Woods so we decided to try the back of the Sound. 10 minutes in and my gladiator prawn lure was smashed by this my PB 75 cm jewfish. After a struggle getting the fish beside the boat George didn’t help with his sloppy netting techniques (maybe he didn’t want the fish in the boat I don’t know.)


Also thought I would send in a picture of George’s most recent big catch. He was pulling the lure from a tree on the bank a week ago when he found it was lodged in his nose.

See you on the water,



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