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13 December



Noosa Bar - 13 December

Please note - this bar crossing can change at a moments notice. Don't use this as a navigational aid, rather as an indication of what might be waiting. Check with the
Coast Guard before going out. Any doubts - Don't go out!

12 December


Fishing Down South - way south!
( and just a bit east. )

If you read fishing magazines or watch The Fishing DVD on a regular basis, you become exposed to pictures of people with really happy smiles, holding really quality fish. If you are not careful you can start to have your confidence in your fishing abilities erroded away.

Fishing Noosa and its various waterways will keep you happy and entertained for a lifetime. There are some big fish being caught on a regular basis, both salt and freshwater. However, you have to know what you are doing to be consistent with your catch rate, and prepared to put in the 'hard yards' - up early in the morning, right tides despite the weather, home late, and hours and hours trying different methods until you get the combinations right. This is when your fishing is most satisfying.

Sometimes you just want an easy fix. Big numbers, big fish, hitting the water late and home early. (There have been some rare times when you can get all that right here I must point out.) You could always go to Wiepa or Exmouth, but my fear is that it would spoil what I have here. Where to go?

Un Zud
Southland - South Island - New Zealand

What I needed was a place where I would be fishing for a species that I could not catch here at home. Florida tarpon came to mind and was quickly dismissed - too expensive, needed specialist gear, needed a boat and too many people. I wanted it to be easy, just walking with a rod in hand and a small pack containing food and drink - and if I'm walking I want NO SNAKES!

Now there was an idea, certainly no trout here, but where can you find trout in Australia that doesn't require you to carry your own personal supply of anti-venine for the 8 deadly species of snakes that we have ? No where! Tassie is just crawling with them, and the Snowies is just as bad!

New Zealand has trout, AND they have no snakes. You don't need a boat - perfect! The Aussie dollar is so strong that this might even prove to be more than perfect.


Robbie Paterson - Currently Noosa Local - Ex Kiwi Trout Guide

Fist Cast in NZ - (with a top guide)
Robbie Paterson
The whole thing was made very easy for me a while back when local Robbie Paterson invited me to go and see what all the fuss was about. Travelling to his home waters in the very south of the South Island, Robbie introduced be to some fantastic fishing. The fist day, he put me on to 7 rainbow trout in just 2 hours! Then he let me earn my own keep on back country waters where the fish are a smarter than those "L Plate" rainbows, and much bigger.

NZ Trout - Visually Exciting

Sometimes, in the slower lowland streams, spotting your fish before you cast is easy.

By and large, trout fishing in New Zealand is not as easy as Robbie makes it seem. They can be hard to spot until you get the nack of it, very spooky if you make a poor first cast, and sometimes be very selective about what they will eat. However they are plentiful, often large (for trout) and it is very hassle free and visually exciting.

Trout fishing in NZ is very visual. Firstly the water 90% of the time (barring floods and glacial melt) is crystal clear. You will get to see the fish react to your fly or lure. If the fish rejects your offering and you haven't alerted him to your presence, you can make changes and have another go. One fish in particular took me nearly half an hour to get him to eat my fly. I tried many different flies, but couldn't get him to eat. He was still feeding on something though, so it just a matter of time until I cast out what he wanted.

Got the bastard. Turns out he was sitting on the bottom in 10 feet of water and my flies weren't getting down there. The water was so clear I could have sworn it was only knee deep. Be careful when you are wading!

Summer days in the Southland region can be very long, with dawn happening just after 4am and not setting until 10pm ! IN most cases you can catch fish right throughout the day. Insect activity will alert you to prime times.

Lazy lowland streams, with fish rising to feed off the surface - pretty exciting. And no snakes !

Spotting the fish isn't easy in faster water. See the rainbow trout?

Walking around the lake shore provides the opportunity to sight cast to cruising fish. Like this brown trout below. You get to watch the whole thing happen right before your eyes!

In order to do this type of fishing yourself, here is how you do it.

1. Need a passport. No big thing, but don't leave it to the last minute to get one as it can take time for all the paperwork to come through.

2. Book a flight. Watch for specials with Air New Zealand. I got my flights for AU$134.00 each way to Christchurch. Website

3. Hire a car. You can hire a cheap camper van if you don't mind not showering regularly, or you can book a great 4WD through Overland 4WD Rentals at reasonable rates. Get a deisle car as petrol is nearly $2 a litre, and deisle is $1.29. Website


4. Rent a cottage online before you go. I did and had a great time. Worked out at only $80 Australian a night for a place that slept 6 in comfort. Try to get a room in Noosa for that price. As a sarter try this Website.

5. Buy a fishing licence online. The fishery is so well manged that it is worth every cent. Website

4 December


Bruce Marshall
Diamond Trevally
Gladiator Prawn.

Diamond Trevally

2 December



90 cm Trevally

Justin's 90cm Golden Trevally

Justin - Golden Trevally


Paul - Flathead


Paul - Hooked Up


Justin - Golden Trevally

Hi guys.
On Saturday night my dad (Peter), Matt, Ben, Jackson, Justin and I headed north to Hervey Bay for the weekend.

After a late night, we got up early and headed over to Fraser Island. The weather was stunning first up in the morning, making our 1/2 hr run a dream.

Matt was the first to hook up on a solid Gt which smoked him after about 5 minutes. That what you get for using 8 lb leader in that country!! It shut down for a bit so Justin and I moved down a bit and caught a couple fish. Justin decided to hook up to a absolute animal of a fish, after a lengthy fight and some very solid runs we got a look at a very respectable golden Trevally that measured 90cm. We got a couple of good snap shots and sent him back from where he came.

Moving along a bit, I got a small "tap" witch was connected to a very solid fish. My little 3-5kg Nitro Voodoo was well and truly in its element! It was another great golden! So same thing, a few pics and sent it on its way.

Paul - Golden Trevally

We worked the same area for a while picking up a few fish here and there, until we came across a patch of nice grunter bream about 50 to 55cm. We kept a couple of them for a feed.

Then we moved around to some sand flats where Ben and Jackson were smashing the bream, whiting and flattys on poppers. After that we headed over to some mud flats for the run out tide to see if we could get a threadfin, but all I got was a couple of cod.

Paul - Cod

Matt and my dad were catching a couple of flathead from the mouth of a drain when Matt got the shock of his life; a big threadie smashed his 2 inch Gulp banana prawn! But once again 8lb leader was no match for what matt estimated to be an 80 odd cm fish….. (You would think he would of learned the first time!!)

After that the fishing died off. Next morning was very tough; we were still getting some good fish but not the same numbers as the day before. My wake up call for the morning was a 77cm Flattie caught just in front of the jetty.

Justin was slammed by another big Goldie which he ended up pulling the hooks on, So all in all it ended up being a very fun trip with Justin and I boating 20 different species of fish! Thanks for reading guys See you all soon, Paul

Thanks to all you anglers who take the time to contribute to the site, either by sending reports and photos or signing on to the blog.




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