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28 June 2010

Banger with a brace of bass.

Mick Geary

A smiling Banger & bass

A cold and foggy morning greeted our 9 teams to the 4th and final round of the Hooked On Mixed Species Catch & Release Series. The fog cleared to a picture perfect Borumba Dam where competitors were chasing Bass, Saratoga, Yellow-belly and Silver Perch.

With a 7am start, the teams headed off, with 6 teams heading up into the timber areas of the Kingham and Yabba arms of the dam .3 teams stayed in the main basin taking up position on a few of the many points of the main basins.

As the day wore on more and more teams made their way back down to the main basin in search of fish. In the last hour it was obvious where the large number of fish were, with the comp favourite Justin McMahon right in the thick of it. Justin had a great session catching a total of 39 bass. He found fish in his pre-fish on Friday and went straight to them on Saturday, picking up were he left them on Friday, catching fish from his first cast.

Justin was using Berkley Big Eye Blades in 1/4oz gold and a Shimano Devil Fish Vibe 8gm in purple colour. He was casting out letting the blade get to the bottom and doing small hopes of the bottom, with a lot of fish hitting him on the drop. Justin also kept the fish in the live well until he had 4 then would move out into deeper water to let them go so that they would not shut the school of fish down, then move back in and start catching fish again. Obviously Justin took out 1st place in the Comp.

2nd place was Michael Geary and Banger who watched the Fishing DVD Vol 17 on Friday arvo to get their game plan for the comp. Choosing to start on the bank near to the far yellow marker which lucky for them because it was 200m up from Justin, this gave the boys a little more confidence as well. They started throwing spinner-baits; soft plastic’s and tail spinners.

After 1hr with no fish and spotting lots of fish on the sounder, and seeing Justin netting and going out to releasing fish, Mick changed to Jackall Mask Vibe 60 letting it hit the bottom. Then with small hops along the bottom soon picked up his 1st fish. So after working out the retrieve Mick and Banger worked a combo of Jackall Mask’s, Exogear VX40 and Sonic Boom 1/4oz Blades, changing colour till they found that gold was working the best. They proceeded to land a 31 bass session ranging from 30cm to 38cm.

3rd place was Matt Cockram & Nathan Boys. The boys started up in the timber of the Yabba arm where they had no luck, then came back down and with a little help from Mick and Banger were told to go fish near Justin. The boys then landed 10 Bass and the biggest bass of the comp, going 43cm.

A big thank you to all the Guys that have entered in any of the Hooked On Mixed Species Catch & Release Comps.




1 Team Cooloola Justin McMahon 39 159.7
159.7 1
2 Team 2m Toga Mick Geary & Banger 31 107.8
107.8 2
3 Chasen Green Matt Cockram & Nathan Boys 10 34.9
34.9 3
4 Hooked On Trev Ed Vander Kruk & Trevor Davies 4 13
13 4
5 Set the Hook Jackson Franke & Chad Keddie 1 3.4
3.4 5
6 Team Cooper Ben & Nathan Cooper 1 3.2
3.2 6
7 Team Temple Forks Glenn Duncan & Giles 0 0
0 7
8 Team Bassartoga Aidan Green & Steve 0 0
0 8


George with a river jewfish



Hi all,
Went for an all nighter last night (Sunday 28th june). Fished the lower reaches, getting the best results from behind the sound. Using a number of Suger Pen surface lures and suspending Savoy Shad lures, we caught a number of trevelly and tailor. The standout was the double hook up at about 3am with George landing a 70cm jew fish and myself boating a 50cm jack.

Borumba bass
Matt - Borumba Bass

Borumba bass
Great day to be out on the water.

Borumba bass
38cm Bass with a big girth

MATT COCKRAM - HOA Staff Member - 27 JUNE 2010
Hey guys,
thought I would send in a bit of a report from the Borumba Social Comp.
After the short drive out to the dam, I was greeted by the very still mirror like waters of Borumba.(Gotta love winter bass fishing).
We set off at 7 and the comp was under way. Our first destenation for the day was Toga bay. After chasing toga for an hour with no sucess, we decided to up the Yabba Arm to a spot were I've caught a few bass in the past. Unfortunatly nothing wanted to play the game. With another move on the cards we deceided that we would go down and chase some schooled bass on the flat.

Borumba bass
We met up with Mick and Banger on our way back and they said that Justin was smashing the bass. So we headed down to where Justin was fishing and came across heaps of active fish on the sonar. After throwing around a few styles of lures we found that blades were the go. We started hoping them in the 5-6m depth. After landing a few fish a patten was cracked and we started to catch some very fat bass. All in all we ended up landing five fish apiece, which was good enough for third place. With also being the last of the series it was also enough for third in the Angler of the Year. Congrats to Mick and Justin who took out first and second places. I'd also like to thank Mick for organising the the series.
Well thats it from me.

23 June

Peter - Threadfin
Peter - Golden Threadfin Salmon


Tailor & Jew
Tailor & Jew on plastics


Hi Boys,
Few pics from around the place. Had to invade Brissy waters to chase down a Threadfin last week. Got two nice ones at 96cm and then another at 105cm. Fantasic fish....wish there were more in the Noosa.
Been getting some nice Jew from the rocks here also on plastics. Top fun with a few fish at 70cm......still under that quite high size limit of 75cm. New site looks good.

Peter - Threadfin

Morton Bay Sunrise

Kris - first longtail
First ever longtail

Kris - first longtail

There is something special about fishing, and what that really means is different for everybody. One thing we can all agree on, is that when you finally catch your first fish of a sort after species, it is something very special. Kris Sweres definately agrees.

Kris - first longtail tuna
Longtail Tuna - Kris Sweres

"After losing one boat-side after 55mins on the rod i almost cried, went to tail him, popped the leader and my finger tips brushed its tail in an effort to land it solo.
After cruising around for a couple of minutes saw i tiny boil, had a flick and this was the result, my first ever longtail tuna.....
If i look happy in the photo its because I AM !!!!!!!!
(sorry had to share) ;):):):):):)

1770 - Paul Glover - 20 June 2010

Bent Rod Hey guys.
Dad, Les and I just did a trip to 1770 for a weekend. The weather looked OK for us for a while, so we left first thing on Friday morning.
We arived at aprox 11.00am so we had enough time for a arvo fish.  Headed out got some live bait and steamed 20km to a mark and started a drift.
Got a couple mackeral and a tuskie we saw a great show of life on the sounder, so we decided to anchor up! Started the motor went to turn and snap we broke our steering cable 20 km from land!! We roped her up and made slowly for home, with Les holding one side and me on the other.
Peter - Trout

Paul MacTuna

Trout  head

We managed to get up to 20 knts. Got back OK but 1770 dose not have a chandlery or any one to help.

So first thing Saturday morning we set off back to Bundy, drove 3 hrs to get our part fixed the boat. We were on the water again and Dad got a 5kg coral trout which was bad enough (for me that is), but then he caught another 2kg one.... Les and I nearly threw him in!!

All up we had about 30 fish all up. The photos of the mactuna show a new trial rod, just new to the market place here in Australia. They told me to use this 4 to 10lb class rod and try to break it. I went hard but it would not break!! That was fun!

Sunday blew up about 30knts so no fishing!



June 2010


Headed out to woods the other night and got this 66cm FL tailor along with heaps of GT's

They are not just happening at night either....


Sam - Hooked on Angling junior staff member - was also into the big fish
His action occured early in the morning. Sam was using a surface popper, so he got to see ALL the action.









13,000 square kms on Noosa's doorstep is about to be delcared a NO-GO-ZONE!!
Your help will make a difference.

(No dead fish photos please)



Hi Guys
We didn't fish from Monday- Friday this week because of the weather

Sat 26th June -
Full Day Night Charter
Barwon Banks
10-15 E
Snapper, Morwong, Pearl Perch, Maori Cod, Hassar


Photo: Craig Rynne From Brizzy
6kg Snapper caught on whole pilchard in squid tube (cock in a sock)

Sunday 27th June -
Full Day
Barwon Banks
10-15 W
Snapper, Hassar, Pearl Perch, Moses Perch, Venus Tusk, Gold Spot Wrasse, Red throat Emperor, Trevally, Iodine bream, Cobia

Gold Spot Wrasse

Photo: Dave Kinchington
2.2kg Gold Spot Wrasse caught on Pilchard, Squid combo.


Borumba bass
Big or small, it was fun.

Borumba bass



Borumba bass












































Peter - Jewfish
Peter Morris with a Noosa jewfish


Peter - Jewfish
What fish won't eat plastics?



Logan's Cobia
Logan - 15 kilo cobia caught
on a snapback plastic.

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