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Estuary Seminar

After the success of our "Snapper on plastics" seminar, we are doing it all again, this time for the estuary fisherman.
With valuable information from a sponsored tournament angler and winner Darren Borg, 'Dizzy' will be spilling the tricks of fishing soft plastics, hard body lures and blades. 'Dizzy' will be open to questions so put your thinking caps on, don't forget he is a experienced at catching jewies!!
Date: 25/11/10
Time: 6.30 PM
Bookings Essential
Door prizes, and hot deals on the night. See you there!!!!


27 October


Hey guys,
Sorry its been a while since my last report and sorry about the image quality(fishing camera was lost in action).

Hugh - Jack

Hugh - Jack

After weeks of bad fishing conditions, Friday of last week was finally looking promising. George and I headed out on dusk and started fishing at the Back of the Sound.

Things were quiet so we decided to try the river mouth for some trevally. We landed trevally there on a Cultiva Mira Vibe. This lure prooved to do the job on several other trevally that night.

Once the tide turned we fished Woods Bay where I was rewarded with a 45cm jack on gladiator prawn. Within five minutes my second jack was landed. A monster 53cm and estimated 3.5 kg.

Hugh - Jack

This was my biggest jack so I was stoked. We fished on, landing plenty of trevally and George got one small school jewie. Towards the bottom of the I landed another jack this one measuring 40cm. All were caught on the gladiator prawn in the clear colour.

We caught all the fish in the lower reaches of the river becasue of the fresh water in the system at the moment. It is good to see that the river can still fish so well so soon after a big storm event.

See you out there,

Well done Hugh - hope you find your other camera real soon though!

Hi again Boys, Managed a New PB Bream on Monday just gone beating my old one by 1cm. The fish was an absolute beast of a thing and nailed my Zipbait popper while popping some jetties in Noosa Waters.
Cheers, Pete


Hi boys.
Thought I would send this pic over. Prior to all the rain we had I ran into a better class of GTs in the river and managed 2 really nice fish in 2 days.

Peter - trevally

One went 64cm and the other 62cm and both went like hell and sat in the strong current. Both were caught on 6lb which made for some awesome fun. Sorry to black out the background but Noosa seems to getting a tad busy.
Cheers, Pete


Hi guys,
I'm Aaron Jaques Just thought I'd send you a pic of a 59cm Trev I caught at Munna Point on Saturday morning. Hope it comes through OK and its up to your guys standard!!! Ha.

Aaron Trevally

Yep Aaron - that more than measures up! Well done! HOA

Hugh - Jack

23 October


Hello fellow fisher people.
Sorry for being a little quiet with the reports but with the amount of rain we have had it slowed things down a bit. In saying that though we are expecting some amazing fishing to come now that the system has been stirred up and the bait will run in a big way.


I took a week off to do a bit of fishing and had a few trips around the area, I fished with a mate Justin on a couple of occasions. We headed to Lake Borumba for an afternoon session . I was very keen to use my new Samurai Reaction 201 rod and was very pleased with its action and the performance.

The first fish to be caught and landed was a nice Saratoga which I enticed on a Jackall Water Moccasin surface lure which the fish absolutely smashed. The 'toga managed to run around the opposite side of some substantial snags and had to be muscled back around to the awaiting landing net , the Samurai Rod did the job with ease.

The next day Justin and I headed to Tin Can Bay for a whole day. We got to the ramp at 4am and had the sunrise for our first stop on a small reef where we landed half a dozen squire on soft plastics. Great fun on our light outfits. We then moved off to some banks to get the turn of the tide where we caught trevally, fathead, bream and small jewfish. We used a variety of plastics from Squidgies, Gulp and Gladiator Prawns.


We also headed  to the bottom end of Fraser Island and fish on the flats where we had a ball catching quite a few whiting on surface lures. The stand out lure was the Stiffy Popper but the Rebel Teeny Pop’R also performed well.

A couple of dingo’s also came to check out what was going on. What a beautiful part of this great country we live in to have these sorts of areas on our door step.

We’ll see you in store or out on the water.
Cheers Ed







Snapper Seminar


Snapper Seminar
Well a huge thanks to Nigel Webster for doing Hooked-Ons Snapper on Plastics Seminar on last Wednesday night.

We had 32 customers attend and a great informative night was had by all . Nigel is always out trying new techniques and methods and then loves to share his information, thats what fishing is all about.

The door fee raised $320 for the Tewantin Community Kindergarten great to see further benefits from the night.

Estuary Techniques
Our next seminar is with Tournament Angler/Winner Darren DIZZY Borg, who will be covering Estuary Lure Techniques including blades,bibbed lures and plastics . The date is still to be finalized but no doubt will be a very informative night it wil be around the end of November. Get your names down now !!!!! So you dont miss out.


Snapper Seminar

Look forward to seeing you in store,

18 October 2010


JEW - Caught at Teewah on Sunday on the high tide. This Jew was 72cm and released after a few photos. We were using pilchards.

I also caught a 68cm flathead on lightly weighted floating mullet fillet.

Not a bad session on the beach.

Sean "Chizo" Chisholm


Send report and photos to:

sean jew

Sean's jewfish from the beach.


15 October 2010


The weather has been very ordinary, to say the least. The water is dirty from all the rain, and the wind isn't helping matters.

SO... now is the time to try something a bit different! We reckon that you need a lure that will attract fish when they can't see it, and we want you to dust off your spinnerbaits and get them cracking in the saltwater.

The prize for the best photo and story will win one of the Fishing DVD's new Long Bill fishing caps.

Send report and photos to:


Jackson Franke made a great comment on our Fishing Noosa Blog about using spinnerbaits to search the water column.

"Most versatile lure, spinnerbait! I do like my spinnerbaits. Any depth, any snag, and lots of different ways you can retrieve them. Obviously weight depends on where I'm fishing but I've got 1/4oz to 1/2oz in the tackle box and find I can fish anything to about 15m deep."

10 October 2010


From the Fishing DVD - Behind the Scenes

John Heanke (Producer of the Fishing DVD) was recently given some prototype lures to have a play with. The above is the result. At one stage it was 6 fish in 6 casts.
» read more

5 October 2010


Used plastics to fish down deep - got the bigger fish this way. Got to search the whole water column.


Heyy All    ><>

Just a report from Sunday mornings fishing session.
Hitting the boat ramp at 5:45, Joe, Levi & myself headed staight for Ski Run.

Soon as we got there we got into some thick trevally. The trevally came in at 45 & 50 cm. I noticed that the thicker trevally were sitting down deep. After a short while this tarpon jumped onto my plastic. After an amazing show the tarpon put on for us, she was boated and measuered in at 50cm.

The most effective lures used were the softplastic Powerbait Minnows & Squidgy Fish.

Good Times
Cheers Sam,    ><>

5 October 2010


After having a good time on the Tarpon and Trevally last Friday night. I returned with Cameron to give it another go. He used a small Stike Pro lure on a 4 kg leader to land the 50 cm plus Tarpon in the Noosa River.

Matt and I slipped the canoe into the Six Mile on Sunday night to flick the black Sammy around. It got lots of attention from smaller bass and a nice Golden Perch, but this was the best of the Bass at 44 cm.
Love your site guys.

5 October 2010


Hi everybody.

Thought I would send in a couple of pictures of a some trevs I caught after buying a new hard body Cultiva driving lure. After a couple of trevally I was snapped off and lost my new lure. Lost another fish on a Chug Bug popper.
Well thanks Alex

Good saratoga at borumba dam caught it at toga bay on a slider grub.

Check out our BLOG.
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1 October 2010


Great photo of a Noosa GT caught last month - but the photo was mislaid by someone about my height!
Until now. Sorry!




(No dead fish photos please)



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