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30 September 2010




Well what a great way to start a day before work, (although this is work for me ).

Wednesday morning headed out to the Jew Shoal with a couple of friends for a quick play with some soft plastic outfits. After a couple of exploratory drifts with sounder showing lots of life, we managed a couple of fish.


I first dropped a cracker of a fish after some big runs and powerful surges. I worked out which edge of the reef the fish were hanging on and then managed to land a PB snapper for me at 7.6kg .

Judah landed a nice snapper as-well .The Snapper were taken on Gulp Curried Chicken 5" Crazy Legs Jerk Shad. We had a school of small cobia come up right next to the boat and Ben enticed a small one with a Gulp Nuclear Chicken 5 Jerk Shad.

We had turtles, dolphins and a mother & calf hump back whale show up just to top off our morning.



Matt and I hit Elimbah Creek on Monday and found a magic water way very similar to Kin Kin Creek.

Bass were the main species, but we also hooked tarpon and jack, although only briefly. Plenty of Bream also showed a bit of interest in our Sammy's but no takers.

A couple of nice fish hit 48 cm, but this one of Matt's was the heaviest fish of the day



27 September 2010

Hugh - GT

Just a report of Saturday night's fishing in the Noosa River.

George and I both had Sunday off work, so decided to make the most of it by having a fish with the newly installed motor. We headed straight for the Back of the Sound where things started fairly quite.

We decided to burn a bit of time and wait for the tide to improve using live baits at the Ski Run. George hooked onto a fairly sizable shovel nose shark after about 30 minutes. There didn't seem to be much responding to our soft and hard lures at the Ski Run so we went and fished the end of the run out tide at Tewantin (out from Harbour Town)

Squidgie Fish

Almost instantly my Squidgy Fish was smashed by a nice Giant Trevally. After a few more hits but no fish, we headed down river back to Munna Point. We were fishing the run out tide when George's Go Bo Popper was taken by a small tarpon. He didn't manage to land the tarpon never the less it was good to watch.

I was now using a Gladiator Prawn which I had just taken the stinger hook out of to increase my change of a hit. It paid off when my lure was struck by what I thought was a big mangrove jack. I fought the fish for about 3-4 minutes when I pulled the hooks on it just as we were getting colour.

Hugh - Jack



It hurt a bit so I wanted to get another one. 3 casts later the Gladiator hooked another jack, this one being landed in the net. Apart from that we got a few flathead to 60cm. We didn't get a lot of fish but there have been some nice fish about lately.

Cheers Hugh.


25 September 2010


Hi guys, I'm Tim
I haven't seen very many offshore reports, so I decided to do one myself.

We headed out from Mooloolaba in the afternoon, and after a 1 hr boat ride north we ended up at our destination. About 3-4 miles off Sunrise Beach.


We started with mullet strips as our bait and this prooved promising. No more than 2 minutes after our first bait hit the bottom I was onto a nice snapper. After a good fight on some old gear, I finally boated him. He measured 68cm and weighed about 4kg. Then it wentt dead as far as big fish, there were plenty of tailor around, also smaller squire up to 40 cm and red emperor also, just as we were leaving i got one more grass sweet lip that measured 39 cm. The swell was around 1.5-2 meters and dropped off to around 1 meter as the night went on.

Other than that the river has been fishing relativity well with tailor, trevally and good flathead taking deep divers and also gladiator prawns, working well around the marina and council headquarters. towards the mouth woods bay has been producing some nice bream and whiting over the banks.

22 September 2010

Cooper's GT

Diamond trevally
Diamond Trevally

Ed - Whiting
Ed's whiting

G'day All

Had a great little session in the river last Friday morning. Not quantity wise - but quality .

Took my middle son Cooper out with me, who thankfully has finally caught the fishing bug like his other 2 brothers. He is picking it up quickly and is developing a nice technique.

Sunrise over Noosa

We were blessed with a magnificent sunrise (God showing off again ,HE does them well ) anyway Coops and I had fun with him landing a great GT around 2kg on a Gulp 3 Minnow in banana prawn. It took him about 10 mins to get in, it was around the Lions Park near the Sheraton there was plenty of bait being harrassed .

He followed up this capture with a diamond trevally also on his favorite Gulp . I only managed a thumper whiting while targeting bream on the new MARIA MS-1 Deep Suspending in col BSG. This lure looks sensational in the water and the whiting obviously liked it too.


We have so many new lures coming into the shop I will have to get out a lot more to test them all ( aaah what a problem to have ) .

See you soon.
Cheers ED





Hi my name is Alex Cameron.


 I was on your website and i saw pictures of everyone's fish that had been caught in the last couple on weeks.


So I thought that I would send in a couple of pictures of the fish my brother and I caught and released while trolling deep diving drivers out the front of Tewantin Harbour late Tuesday afternoon.

Cool - Thanks for that Alex.

19 September 2010

GT - Giant trevally
Trevally on Gladiator Prawn


Mr Wright - Flathead

  Liam - Cod
. A thought I'd show you a photo of a cod I got last week on a 2" Bug Ant and with 4lbs leader.

Hey its Liam.

Just a few pictures of some fish me and my dad caught this weekend. We started at Ski Run early Saturday morning, and got into a few trevally that were busting on the surface.
Most were small, but I landed this alright one on a Gladiator Prawn. We decided to troll and after a while and dad landed this nice 85 cm jewfish.

  Mr Wright - Jewfish

a short while after he boated this flatty that went 60cm. We did the same thing on Sunday with nothing biting we decided to troll once again. A few dropped fish but after a while me and dad had i double hookup dad with a tailor and i landed this little soapy. As the rain set in we decided to call it a day. A thought id show you a photo of a cod i got last week on a 2" bug ant and with 4lbs leader.

Liam - Jewfish

All fish were released Thanks Liam


15 September 2010

Ed Cale Cale
Ed with a hard earned Cale Cale Trevally

Kelvin's Jewie

Diamond Trevally


Mary River Cod
Craig's Mary River Cod


GT - Giant trevally
Hard fighting GT

Hi All
Great to get out on the water again after a crazy busy month in the shop. Went out this morning with my mate Kelvin and we had a great time .

Weather was beautiful and the Woods Bay was firing with surface boils everywhere. The fish however were very finicky, the fish were obviously focused on a particular bait type.

After changing lures quite often (the thing to do before saying the fish are 'uncatchable'), pay dirt for me first came on a small Maniac slug producing a lovely Cale Cale trevally.

maniac lure
Maniac Slug

Kelvin thought he would show me up in a big way by hooking a mulloway on a 3 Powerbait minnow. After a great tussle the fish was landed, photographed and released .

Power bait minnow
Another fish I landed was a diamond trevally that took a liking to my Gladiator Prawn, the speed at which these fish run when hooked is amazing. Can't wait to get out there again ASAP .



Got out for a return trip up the Six Mile again today.
Found a few bass on the bite and some cod. This guy went 58 cm and fell for the same black spinnerbait I used yesterday. A second Cod followed a hooked bass to the Hobie and was still sitting there when I dropped the spinnerbait back in the water, it went 46 cm. And the Bass it was eyeing for lunch went 25 cm.




Hi all.
Just a quick one.

Hit the Second Ski run on Sunday arvo. Had a fairly good session on the trevs, a fair few being boated on surface lures (blue silver Chug Bug) and Benny got a cracker on his bream gear throwing a Jackal Chubby Deep in brown dog colour.


14 September 2010

Spinnerbait - All time bass favourite

Just got home from my first trip in my new Hobie (canoe) and check out the first ever fish I landed from it! A 48cm Six Mile Creek bass taken on a black spinnerbait.

Dropped a half dozen and tagged 3 from 10.30 to 12.30, not bad. I might need to drop in a buy a landing net, a bit hard landing 2 kg of bass by hand in a Hobie, or maybe I just have a bit to learn.

Regards Craig.


12 September 2010

Mr Mangrove Jack - Awesome Colours


eco sx
Eco Gear SX

Thanks Matt and Paul

After talking to Paul on Saturday and Matt on Sunday morning about Noosa Tarpon and Bass, Matt and I headed up Kin Kin Creek Sunday afternoon. We got plenty of Tarpon to 44 cm and Bass to 40 cm and Bream to 28 cm using your advice. But this monster Jack took an Eco Gear SX 48 on 2 kg braid with a 4 kg leader. Thanks guys for help, regards Craig and Matt.


8 September 2010


Hugh - Jewfish
Galdiator Prawn = Jewfish


Hugh - Big Eye Trevally
Hard fighting Big Eye Trevally


Dad - Big Eye Trevally
Yep - Still got fish in the Noosa River

Hi all,

Just sending a report of the past couple of nights fishing around Woods and the Sound. We were powering our boat only with an electric motor from Culgoa Point Beach Resort, which meant we couldn't stray to far up or down the river system.

Hugh - Jewfish

Our fishing efforts began on Monday night, fishing the Back of the Sound. After five minutes of fishing my Gladiator Prawn lure was taken by this juvenile school Jewish. The fish was boated after a struggle on four pound braid. This fish seemed to scare the other fish away so we headed home for bed.

We went out again on Tuesday night this time going to Woods Bay. The lures we were using was a Savoy Shad and a shallow running Rapala.

We saw surface action near Ricky's so we fished there. We soon found out the school of fish was big eyed trevally. These fish were fun to catch on light line. After boating a dozen or so on the run out tide we decided to head to the Back of the Sound. Soon after we got there my Savoy Shad was hit hard by another small schoolie. This fish was released and from then we only got one flathead. It was now late so we called it a night and headed home.

The old man had always said there is no fish in the Noose River. It was good to prove him wrong.


4 September 2010

Craig Bass
Craig with a better than average Lake Macdonald bass. Good to see that there still are some big fish coming back to hassle anglers. This fell to Craig's deftly worked blade lure. This photo was taken near the Bubbler. See the Lake Macdonald Map

blade style lures
See a full range of this style of lure,
and chose the right one for the style
of fishing that you want to do.


Hey All

Just a little report. Went out Saturday morning with Josh. Heading straight for Ski Run to fish the out going tide. After about an hour fishing this nice Jewfish thrashed my plastic,

\Sam - Jewfish

She measured in at 78cm. From there on little trevally. Good Fun

Sam ><>



(No dead fish photos please)

Go BO Popper



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